Motorcycle Insurance Claims

Bike Insurance Claims

Help for when you need to make a claim on your motorcycle insurance policy.

Full details of your cover is contained in your Policy Schedule and Certificate of Insurance. Please read these in conjunction with your Policy Booklet.When contacting us please make sure you quote your policy to help us deal with your enquiry more effectively. 

I need to make a claim  

If you need to make a claim under your motorcycle insurance please contact us as soon as possible to report the matter to us.

If you are involved in an accident or your motorcycle is stolen call us on 

0345 126 2599 or 02392 205 441 from abroad. 

Assistance is available on this number 24 hours a day.

The information you will need to provide to us:

  • your policy/certificate number;
  • your personal details and those of the driver; and
  • full details of the incident and any other parties involved.

There is no need for you to fill in a claim form. Our claims handlers will do this over the phone when you call Claimline. However, we may send you the claim form so you can check the information we have recorded is correct.

I need to get my motorcycle repaired  

If your motorcycle needs to be repaired we have a nationwide network of partnership repairers who can arrange to start work on your damaged motorcycle with minimum delay. Simply call Claimline and we will contact the nearest partnership repairer for you. Collection and redelivery to your home can be arranged if required. Under our partnership repairer scheme there is no need for you to obtain repair estimates.

Partnership repairers have been specially chosen by us to ensure a high standard of service and provide high quality repair work, with a three year warranty. Their quality is constantly under review by our own team of engineers.

When repairs are complete

The repairer will let you know when your motorcycle repairs are complete. When you collect your motorcycle or when it is delivered to you, you will need to pay the repairer any policy excess or contribution which may be applicable.

If your motorcycle cannot be repaired or the repair costs exceed the market value of the motorcycle it will be declared a total loss. Once this is determined, we will immediately move your motorcycle to a place of free storage so please make sure that, wherever possible, all your personal effects are removed from your motorcycle.

You should be aware that all total loss claims are placed on an industry-wide register to guard against fraud, and that this information is shared between insurance companies.

Before a settlement can be made you will need to provide us with the following documents:

  • your certificate of motor insurance;
  • the vehicle registration document (V5);
  • the MOT test certificate (if applicable);
  • all sets of keys;
  • the motorcycle purchase receipt;
  • details of any outstanding finance relating to the motorcycle; and
  • any other documentation that you may wish us to take into account when valuing your motorcycle such as the motorcycle’s servicing history.

Sending the documents to us direct will avoid any unnecessary delay in issuing your settlement cheque.

An engineer will contact you to agree a valuation of your motorcycle subject to the deduction of any applicable policy excess, any outstanding finance and any premium yet to be paid. Please note that in such circumstances, you still owe us the full annual premium as we have met all our responsibilities to you under the policy.

Once you have accepted this amount and subject to all information and documentation being in order, we will issue you with a cheque within seven working days.

Please note that for reasons of safety and to prevent fraud, we actively discourage the retention of motorcycles declared a total loss, by policyholders. We are therefore unable to offer any further cover on such motorcycles and all such requests will be declined.

If your motorcycle is stolen

If your motorcycle is stolen and recovered with damage, it will either be repaired or a total loss payment made in the manner already described. If the motorcycle is not recovered this will also be treated as a total loss.

We may arrange for an Ageas Insurance representative to visit you to help us with our investigation of theft claims.

If a third party is involved

Do not admit liability, even if you consider yourself responsible for the accident.

Obtain names, addresses and telephone numbers of those involved (eg. drivers, passengers, pedestrians and witnesses). Please also obtain insurance details for any vehicle(s) involved and offer your insurance details to anyone involved in the accident. Forward any third party correspondence to ourselves unanswered.

Do not attempt to deal with any claim yourself unless agreed by us.