Caravan and camping claims

Caravan & Camping Claims

Help for when you need to make a claim on your caravan and camping insurance policy.

Full details of your cover is contained in your Policy Schedule and Certificate of Insurance. Please read these in conjunction with your Policy Booklet.When contacting us please make sure you quote your policy to help us deal with your enquiry more effectively. 

I need to make a claim  

Telephone the Ageas Caravan & Camping helpline on 0345 122 3019. This line is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The claims handler will ask you for your name, policy number and full details of the claims circumstances. In most instances you will be sent a claim form to complete and return. The claims handler will provide advice on procedures and documentation required.

Depending on the type and/or value of the claim the claims handler may elect to instruct a loss adjuster or engineer. Loss adjusters and engineers are independent experts who will arrange to visit you and/or inspect your caravan. They will assess your claim and report back to us with their findings.

If the caravan itself has been stolen we will need:

  • The original purchase invoice for the caravan;
  • All the keys for the caravan;
  • Keys for the wheel clamp;
  • Any photographs of the caravan;
  • An estimate for the replacement of the caravan;
  • The C.R.I.S (Caravan Registration Identification Scheme) document.

Claims conditions  

If you need to make a claim, you must do the following as soon as possible:

  • Contact the Ageas claims helpline on 0345 122 3019 to report the incident;
  • Tell the police as soon as reasonably possible if you suspect theft or malicious damage;
  • Take all practical steps to get back any property which has been lost;
  • Obtain an estimate for repairs from a local caravan repairer if your caravan is damaged;
  • Carry out temporary repairs to prevent further loss;
  • Retain all invoices/receipts for work carried out;
  • Send everything we have asked for relating to the claim to us within 30 days of the incident;
  • Give us any help and information that we may need;
  • Immediately send us any written claim which is made against you, and give us full details of any verbal claims made against you;
  • You will not leave property for us to deal with unless we agree.

You must not:

  • Throw away, get rid of or destroy any items that are damaged until we say so;
  • Admit or deny responsibility for any incident;
  • Negotiate or settle any claims made against you by anyone else, unless we agree in writing that you can.

We can negotiate, defend or settle, in your name and on your behalf, any claims made against you. We can also take legal action in your name, but not for our benefit, to get back any payment we have made under your policy.

We will respond to all new claims within 3 days and we will answer any correspondence within 5 working days of receiving it.

We will not pay for any claim that is in any way fraudulent or exaggerated, or if you or anyone acting for you uses fraud to get benefits under the policy. If you do, we will cancel the policy and we will not refund any premiums.

How will my claim be settled?  

Touring and fixed site caravans and trailer tent claims 

We will settle any claim under this section in the following ways:

  • If an engineer inspects the damage to your caravan and makes a decision that your caravan can be repaired, we will pay the cost of repairing this damage. Any repair cost will be paid directly to the repairer. You will be responsible for payment of any policy excess.
  • If your caravan is stolen and remains missing or an engineer makes a decision that your caravan is beyond economical repair (written off), we will pay you the market value of your caravan or the maximum claim limit shown on your schedule, whichever is lower. You will be responsible for payment of any policy excess.
  • If, within 12 months of buying your caravan as brand new, your caravan is: 
  • stolen and not recovered; or
  • damaged beyond economical repair, we will either:
  • replace your caravan with a new caravan of the same make and model (or the nearest equivalent), or
  • send you a cheque for the cost of replacing your caravan as brand new at the time of loss.

The maximum we can pay in these circumstances is the maximum claim limit shown in your schedule plus 10%, less your excess amount.

The maximum claim limit on your caravan will not be reduced following the payment of a claim.

Caravan contents, camping equipment and camping contents claims

We will settle any claims under these sections in the following ways:

  • Make a payment for the amount of loss or damage to these items; or
  • Pay the cost of repairing or replacing these items.

We will not pay more than the maximum claim limit shown on your policy schedule for these items and any single item limit.

All items are replaced on a new for old basis, except for clothing and household linen for which a deduction is made for wear and tear.

The maximum claim limit for items covered under these sections will not be reduced following the payment of a claim.

Matching pairs or sets 

We treat each separate item of a matching pair or set , or set of furniture, sanitary suite or fittings, soft furnishings or other fixtures, as a single item. We will only pay for lost or damaged items. We will not pay for the cost of replacing, recovering or remodelling undamaged pieces, or pieces which have not been lost or damaged, just because it forms part of a set, suite or one of a number of items similar in nature, colour or design. If an item in a set is lost or damaged, the other pieces of the set may lose some value, even if they have not been physically damaged themselves. This loss of value is not covered by the policy.