Travel Insurance Claims

Travel Insurance Claims

Help for when you need to make a claim on your travel insurance policy.

Full details of your cover is contained in your Policy Schedule and Certificate of Insurance. Please read these in conjunction with your Policy Booklet.When contacting us please make sure you quote your policy to help us deal with your enquiry more effectively. 

I need to make a claim  

If you need to make a claim under your travel insurance please contact us as soon as possible to report the matter to us. We will take details of the claim and will send you a report form to complete and return to us.

To make a claim on your travel insurance policy, or for existing claims, please call: 0345 122 3280

Additional details

You must, at your expense, provide us with any reports, certificates, information and evidence that we ask for and do so in the manner we request.

If we request an insured person to do so, they must undergo medical examination at our expense. In the event of an insured person’s death and if a post-mortem of their body is carried out we may request a copy of the Coroner’s report.

In the event of any loss of or damage to personal property, we will be entitled to:

  • to take and keep possession of property and to deal with salvage in a reasonable manner.
  • at our option, to repair or replace any personal property for which we admit liability.

You must not make any admission, offer, promise, payment or indemnity without our written permission. We will be allowed to take over and conduct, in your name, the defence or settlement of any claim or to prosecute in your name for our benefit any claim. We will have full discretion in the conduct of any proceedings and in the settlement of any claim and you must give all information and assistance that we may need.

I need emergency medical assistance  

If you suffer a bodily injury or illness which requires admittance to a hospital or clinic or necessitates transport under medical supervision you must immediately contact our assistance services. Please have the following information available:

  • your contact telephone number
  • details of the nature of injury or illness
  • name and telephone number of the hospital and/or attending doctor
  • your policy number - which is specified in the Schedule

If you need help in a medical emergency contact Assistance International on: +44 23 8064 4633

The number from the countries most often visited is:
France, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy: 00 44 23 8064 4633
USA and Canada:  011 44 23 8064 4633
The Fax number is +44 23 8064 4616

On your behalf, Assistance International will:

  • liaise with doctors and hospitals
  • arrange hospital admissions
  • deliver special medicines
  • authorise insured medical charges
  • organise emergency repatriation with a medical expert if necessary
  • arrange referral to specialists
  • provide medical advice
  • provide special equipment
  • give guidance and help to other members of your party

Any emergency travel or accommodation must be authorised and arranged by Cega Emergency Services

Minor bodily injury or illness whilst on a trip

If you suffer bodily injury or illness for which medical attention is received but which does not require the intervention of our assistance services they should pay and obtain receipted accounts from the hospital or clinic, doctor or pharmacy.

A medical certificate showing the nature of the bodily injury or illness should also be obtained.